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Hello! My name is Lucas, also known as Trophy.

I am 17 and make pen and ink artwork.


A lot of my Inspiration comes from a variety of different places. The main ones would most likely be from the main guys who founded Image Comics like Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, and probably my biggest inspiration would be the one and only Todd Mcfarlane. Another fellow Albertan with a love of Dark imagery and a precise attention to detail which is something that I think helps to define my artwork as well as my unique style. 


I call it “Remixing”. It’s in the vain of song mash-ups that takes old concepts and freshens them up to help create a new style before the very eyes! Instead of it on a audio file or synthesiser, I remix on paper by combining many pen and ink techniques like Cross-hatching, Stippling, and scribbling to form the artwork that you see lining the walls.













My love of comic books was something that I was always interested in as a kid, when I was four I would dress up as Spider-Man and Batman for Halloween and every other day in the week because I loved it so much! When I was seven, a tiny little film came out that I’m pretty sure no one has ever heard of called Iron-Man. It wasn’t my first introduction to the world of comic books, but it was definitely the catalyst for my comic book addiction that I know have ten years later. 


Besides art and comic books, I play a lot of Video games for the same reason that I read comic books or watch movies. Not just for the past-time, but because you can be transported to a world that is bright, rich and awesome in lore. My favourite video games are but not limited to Bioshock (the original), Resident Evil 4, Red Dead Redemption, and Destiny. And a passion that is equally as important to me is Improvised Theatre. I have been doing it for a little over 3 years and it’s easily one of the most exciting things of my life at the moment. It helped make an amazing group of friends, I get to work with a fantastic team and coach. And it also helped to boost my confidence and put myself out there more which I couldn’t be more thankful for.


My plan currently is to take life at a slow pace and to enjoy the little things. Art is absolutely a career that I would like to pursue in the future. But I’m not in a rush to get there just yet. I’ll be attending a few years in an art program in College and I’ll see where life takes me from there. And when it comes to future artwork, everything is always improvised. I have no idea how my art will evolve and change in the future but that’s probably my favourite part about it all, it’s always changing and evolving into something better.


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