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A Space Oddity 

    I began this series from a really fun place. It all started with a miniature painting of a red rocket ship. I had a lot of fun painting that ship, and was filled with a kind of joy I have difficulty explaining.



    I have always been a big fan of Science Fiction. Since I was little, I have watched, read, and played inside that world. One of the first movies I owned was a copy of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I watched the original Star Trek on re-runs, loved Star Wars, and caught Astro Boy after school. When I was old enough my dad lent me his copy of Frank Herbert’s Dune and now I consume everything I can. I can’t really say why I was always into it, but my imagination ran wild with all of the possibilities sci-fi opened up.



    This series of paintings are a simple excuse to create inside the worlds I have always played in. The subjects are a result of years of exposure to cult sci-fi images. Shiny robots, beautiful girls with ray guns, soldiers with jet packs, alien worlds and their equally alien creatures, and flying saucers. The resulting paintings are equal parts Fan Art and my own ideas based on all of the influences stated above. The possibilities are endless, and even though countless people have imagined countless worlds, the infinity of space makes room for so many more.




Erika Schulz

Erika is online. Follow her.

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